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Aviator Game is the latest thrill in online gaming for 2024. You can score big wins in just a few moments! At PAKGames, Aviator is powered by TopBetGaming, a third-party supporter, and it’s based on a system that’s proven to be fair. This is the strongest promise of true honesty you’ll find in the gaming world today.

How To Play Aviator Game At PAKGAMES

Playing Aviator Game is very easy to play, here’s how to play:

  1. BET before the countdown will end and take-off.
  2. WATCH as your earnings grow as your Lucky Plane takes flight.
  3. WIN X times more by CASHING OUT before the plane takes off!

Just keep in mind, if you don’t cash out before the Lucky Plane takes off, you’ll lose your bet. Aviator is all about the thrill! Take a chance and win big. The control is all yours!

More details

  • As soon as the Lucky Plane starts its journey at Aviator Game, the win multiplier begins at 1x and keeps increasing. 
  • Whatever multiplayer that you receive at, that’s what we use to calculate your winnings, times your bet. 
  • Before every round kicks off, our totally decides using a fair random number generator at what multiplier the Lucky Plane will zoom off. 
  • Want to make sure everything’s on the up and up? 
  • Just click on the icon next to the result in the History tab to check.

Aviator Game Functions

To avoid confusion on how to play the Aviator Game we provide you with important functions.

Bet & Cash Out

  • Choose how much you want to bet and hit the “Bet” button to place your wager. 
  • You’ve got the option to bet twice at the same time by bringing up a second bet panel. 
  • Just click the plus icon at the top right corner of the first bet panel to add another. 
  • Hit the “Cash Out” button when you’re ready to take your winnings, which are your bet times the Cash Out multiplier. 

Remember, if you don’t cash out before the plane takes off, you’ll lose your bet.

Auto Play & Auto Cash Out

  • Turn on Auto Play by clicking the “Auto Play” button in the “Auto” section of the Bet Panel. 
  • If your cash drops by a certain amount you choose, Auto Play will stop, thanks to the “Stop if cash decreases by” setting. 
  • Similarly, the “Stop if cash increases by” option ends Auto Play if your balance goes up by the amount you’ve set. 
  • And if you win more than a certain amount in one go, the “Stop if single win is exceeds” feature will also halt Auto Play. 
  • You can also set up Auto Cash Out in the “Auto” tab. Once it’s on, your bet will cash out automatically at the multiplier you’ve entered.

Live Bets & Statistics

  • On the left side of the game screen (or right below the Bet Panel on your mobile), you’ll find the Live Bets panel. 
  • This is where you can check out all the bets being placed in the current round. 
  • The “My Bets” panel lets you see all your bets along with Cash Out details. 
  • And in the “Top” panel, you’ll find the game’s stats. 
  • Here at aviator game, you can look up wins by their amount or multiplier for cash out, and observe the highest multipliers of the round.


  • Each round of aviator game multiplier comes from a “Provably Fair” system, making it totally clear and absolutely fair. 
  • You can look into and tweak the Provably Fair settings through the Game menu settings. 
  • To see how fair each round is, just click on the icon next to the results under “My Bets” or in the “Top” tabs.

Return to Player

  • The average return to the player is 97%. This means, typically, out of every 100 games, in about 3 games, the Lucky Plane takes off right at the start of the game.
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